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Antioxidant for Vitality Lozenge - 90 Lozenges

The French paradox. Simply stated, the French, who have a diet high in fats, also have a low incidence of coronary heart disease (CHD) mortality. For years the argument has been that the only reason was wine. Wine is a complex product comprised of hundreds of various molecules. One of the significant chemical groups found in wines are the polyphenols. This is Page 2 of 5 the one category of molecules that is found at significantly higher amounts in red wines as opposed to white wines. In actuality, not much resveratrol is found in a glass of wine, from a low of 0.01 mg to a maximum of 1.89 mg. RED WINE LOZENGES contain 1.25 mg trans-resveratrol from wine grapes. Other products contain only Polygonum cuspidatum, Japanese knotweed. Benefits in wine come from more than just the potential resveratrol present, so the product you take should reflect the same composition. Additionally, a published study indicates keeping resveratrol in the mouth for 60 seconds increases absorption 250 times over swallowing. Savor a RED WINE LOZENGE today.

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