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Citrate/Amino Acid Chelate 250mg - 120 Caps

We all know we need adequate calcium for strong bones and teeth, but we also need it for healthy muscle contraction, hormone secretion and transmission of nerve impulses. Lifestyle factors like drinking soda, alcohol and caffeine impact calcium absorption, as do problems with digestion. Bonded with amino acids, calcium chelate may be more bioavailable than other forms. Doses less than 500 mg are most readily absorbed.

  • GOOD CALCIUM is a unique form of calcium. It begins with acquiring the ingredients. Each ingredient is assayed and verified as the correct ingredient and free of impurities or contaminations through a variety of steps including microbial evaluation and heavy metal (Lead, Mercury, etc.) analysis. Only after passing all the evaluation tests is the ingredient used in the product.
  • Once the ingredients arrive and have completed evaluation, which may take up to two weeks depending on the required testing, the manufacturing process occurs. This process can take up to 5 days. Once this is complete, the material is again returned to the QC lab for final product evaluation where we test the contents to assure that everything is in the product that needs to be there.
  • he equipment used for this product are blending and capsule filling (encapsulation) equipment.
  • Everything is manufactured in a cold process. We make efforts to keep overall temperatures of the process at ambient temperatures to reduce possible degradation of the ingredients.
  • Manufacturer Warranty Limited to 1 year.


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