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Supports Healthy Histamine Release

Give your immune system the support it needs to stay balanced. Antioxidant Vitamin C is necessary for proper immune function, while the potent flavonoid quercetin helps to modulate immunity. Soothing magnesium, the enzyme bromelain and stinging nettle leaf help to keep the immune system on an even keel. Because more isn’t always better. You can relax, knowing your immune system is balanced with Quercetin/Nettle Plus™.

  • Remember the game Space Invaders? Just like the game hero, our bodies are attacked by various invaders on a daily basis. And while some people are prepared for the attack, others are not. Our immune system is designed to protect the body from invaders of all kinds. It recognizes, responds to, and clears out foreign substances which penetrate the protective barriers of skin and mucosal surfaces.
  • Pantothenic Acid - is important for the production of various immune system cells. Stinging Nettle Leaf - contains a large amount of Vitamins A, C, and E. These vitamins are associated with both antioxidant and immune system modulating activities.
  • Bromelain - is found in the stem of the pineapple. A proteolytic enzyme, bromelain breaks up large, negatively charged proteins which attract fluid such as histamine and bradykinin. Magnesium - is involved in over 300 enzymatic reactions relating to every system in the body including relaxation of smooth muscle cells.
  • Quercetin - an extremely active bioflavonoid which inhibits the manufacture and release of histamine. It also acts as an antioxidant, sparing Vitamin C for other actions. Vitamin C - a noted antioxidant and immunostimulant (big word for "it supports your immune system"). Vitamin C inhibits histamine release and helps break it down if it is released.
  • Manufacturer Warranty Limited to 1 year.