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Mt. Angel Vitamins Essential Trio Liquid Vitamins not only works great, but taste great too! Vitamin B6, B12, and Folinate make the ultimate power trio for energy, immune support, and overall wellness. And combined with a fast-acting, easy-to-use liquid format, your body can absorb more of the vitamins you need and be on your way to greater health.

  • Enjoy Natural and Healthy Energy: A single drop of our Vegan Vitamin B12 liquid supplement helps improve energy levels and boosts metabolism.
  • May Promote Cardio Health: Liquid B12 Drops feature Folinate, B6, and B12 Vitamins that promote healthy circulation for inside-out wellness.
  • B12 Sublingual Vitamin B is Good for Kids and Adults: Made with essential vitamins that support the immune system, our liquid drops are healthy for all ages.
  • Easy to Mix: Add Vitamin B12 Liquid drops drops easily to water, tea, and juice.

Great for Kids & Adults

Essential vitamins and elements that are healthy for all ages.

Promote Cardio Health

Features vitamins that promote healthy circulation for inside-out wellness.

Blueberry Flavor & Easy Mixing

These essential vitamins mix perfectly in water, tea, and juice.

Customer Reviews

Based on 102 reviews
Alejandra L. (Grand Junction, US)
Energy in a bottle

My fatigue has decreased significantly; I actually take two doses in the morning. I also have PCOS and take Metformin and that decreases my B12 so that is why I take two doses.

Breanna K.
Great for health

This product is truly amazing. My skin has never felt greater. It's relaxing and enjoyable. Most importantly it's very healthy!

Alejandro B.
B12 🥰🥰🥰

I put these because my daughter is vegan and she does not swallow pills so everything has to be liquid easy to digest and or gummiesThis little bottle is kept in the fridge and she comes in the morning or in the afternoon after school and just take her to 12 I am so happy for this thank you

Nice product.

Nice product!

Joseph M.C.
Best way to absorb Bits when can't do by food

I can't seem to absorb bits with food and pills only partially. When I went to oils my vit. levels are now perfect!! And its so much easier, just 1 dropped under tongue, done.

At Mt. Angel Vitamins, we only
use natural, non-GMO
ingredients in our supplements.

Our Oregon plant conforms to FDA
and UL NPA GMP standards.(Not
bad for a locally grown company!)

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