Supplements: Mood, Mind & Memory Support

It’s September, which means one thing -- vacation season has come to a close and the back to school/back to work season is beginning!  It’s a perfect time to make sure your brain is operating at peak efficiency.  As we all know, it’s important to maintain optimal brain health through proper nutrition, regular exercise, and adequate rest.  In addition, Mt. Angel Vitamins has formulated two superb supplements that provide mind, mood & memory support. 

Brain Flex

The human brain is the principal organ of the body. It runs on chemicals and electricity. Messages are sent across the brain through neurotransmitters which are the biochemical mediators that stimulate the brain’s electrical impulses translating them into thoughts, sensations, and emotion.

The brain and the central nervous system use amino acids such as glutamine to make neurotransmitters. The source of these amino acids is our daily diet. Proper nutrition can have a profound influence on our mental processes.

Neurotransmitters are used up daily. Heavy mental or physical stress can cause the neurotransmitters to be used up faster than normal.


Recently classified as a conditionally essential amino acid, it is thought to aid cerebral neuro­transmission.


A powerful antioxidant, it stabilizes cell mem­branes as well as improving energy produc­tion within brain cells.


Contains terpene lactones known as ginkgolides and bilobalides which increase circulation.


Considered a “smart nutrient”, it is a precursor to Choline.


A building block for acetylcholine.


Helps regulate nerve impulses and nerve cell functions.


Has been shown to enhance the ability of col­lege students to recall lengthy word sequences.


An essential nutrient, it helps cells produce energy.


From black pepper, it acts as a thermonutrient which may accelerate the body’s intake of nutrients.


Essential for healthy nerve tissue.


Helps the body produce a type of neurotrans­mitter called catecholamines.


mt angel vitamins memory boost

Memory Boost:

We’ve all had those days: you’re late for work because you forgot where you put your car keys; you get to the grocery store and can’t remember all three things you needed to buy; or when, at the grocery store, you exchange pleasantries with someone whose face you know, but you can’t for the life of you place the name. Of course, part of the reason some of these items filter through your memory is because our lives are busy and our brains are too full of information: both the important things and the trivial.

But memory loss is also associated with aging, so it’s important take steps to keep our brains healthy as we count up our birthdays. Be sure to get plenty of exercise, to keep blood circulating to the brain.


Also known as vitamin B3, neuroprotective niacinamide helps defend brain cells and promotes brain cell health, supporting mem­ory, cognitive skills and mood.


This amino acid from green tea alters alpha wave rhythms and induces wakeful relaxation, which has been linked to improved learning, concentration and performance under stress. l-theanine also helps hone focus and mental accuracy.


Seeds of this Brazilian plant support con­centration and cognitive function. Guarana helps to increase alertness and recall while maintaining attention and boosting the per­formance speed of attention tasks.


This plant root supports calmness and the ability to adapt to stress. This form of ginseng also encourages concentration and increased mental energy, thereby supporting cognitive performance.



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