Supplements: Feel Good, Kick Stress Out
As we continue on the topic of mind, mood and memory support, we wanted to touch on the topic of stress. Modern life is crazy.  Expectations are high, responsibilities are many, traffic is crazy, everyone in the family is involved in a hundred and one activities, the fridge is broken, the car has to go to the mechanic, and so on... It's incredibly easy these days to feel stressed out. 
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Supplements: Mood, Mind & Memory Support
It’s September, which means one thing -- vacation season has come to a close and the back to school/back to work season is beginning!  It’s a perfect time to make sure your brain is operating at peak efficiency.  As we all know, it’s important to maintain optimal brain health through proper nutrition, regular exercise, and adequate rest.  In addition, Mt. Angel Vitamins has formulated two superb supplements that provide mind, mood & memory support. 
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