Quercetin and Zinc: Come for the Quercetin, Stay for the Zinc
Mount Angel Vitamins manufactures and distributes a wide variety of supplements throughout the United States. Mount Angel Vitamins is looking to expand into the Quercetin and Zinc market with a new dietary supplement that will be housed under their "Immune Support" line named "Quercetin Zinc." The product will contain 530mg of Quercetin and 7.5mg of Zinc, with a serving size of one pill. The supplement will also contain natural flavoring, coloring, magnesium stearate, vegetable capsules, silicon dioxide and microcrystalline cellulose to meet current market claims for "DSHEA" (Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act)
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Digestive Health and the Gut Microbiome
If you've never heard of the microbiome, you may be wondering what is it?  So, let's start there: the microbiome is the collection of the 100 trillion + microorganisms that live in and on your body.  These microorganisms live on the surface and in the layers of your skin, in your saliva and oral cavity, in your eyes, and in your gastrointestinal tract (to name a few).  Today, we're going to focus in on the gut microbiome - all the microorganisms that live in your mouth through your colon.  Microorganisms are not all bad; in fact, many of them are good and essential for human health.
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Supplements: Quercetin Nettle, Fast-acting Seasonal Support
Stinging Nettle helps to keep the immune system balanced, and has specifically been studied as a way to relieve hay fever. In a study done by the National College of Natural Medicine (now the National University of Natural Medicine) in Portland, Oregon, 58% of hay fever sufferers reported stinging nettle to be effective, and 48% of the hay fever sufferers said 300 mg of the freeze-dried stinging nettle was as effective as other allergy medications.
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Behind the Scenes: Our Approach to Formulation
Mt. Angel Vitamins' Director of Quality & Compliance, chemist John Mills, has been in the natural products industry for over 22 years.  He oversees all of our product formulations.  His vast experience means he instantly and intuitively knows which ingredients work well together to support a particular structure or function in the the human body.  As such, we thought it would be fun to explore John’s methodology as he embarks on a new formulation. 
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Supplements: Active Aging Week
Did you know that the last week of September is Active Aging Week?  It was initiated by the International Council on Active Aging (ICAA) in 2003.  The week-long campaign calls attention to and wholeheartedly celebrates the positivity of aging today.  We agree with the ICAA that adults over 50 can live as fully as possible in all areas of life – physical, social, spiritual, emotional, intellectual, vocational and environmental.
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Vitamins: Let's Talk 'D' on this First Day of Fall

Today is the first day of fall - the perfect time to talk about the "sunshine vitamin"! 

Vitamin D is an important nutrient that relies on daily skin-to-sun exposure for synthesis.  It is crucial for cell differentiation, normalizing levels of calcium and phosphorus, maintaining strong bones, promoting healthy blood pressure and supporting immune system balance. 

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