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We are a stressed out society. And with constant and increasing pressure in our career, home, relational and financial circles, it can get harder and harder to wind down. Relaxing Passionflower can help! With a natural, drug-free, chemical-free formulation of pure 4:1 standardized passionflower extract, you will find that just one tasty lozenge can help to facilitate relaxation, reduce feelings of anxiousness, and promote better sleep. 
Passionflower was first used by Native Americans for relief of general discomfort and to promote sleep. Now, here at Mt. Angel Vitamins, we love utilizing this powerful plant for a variety of uses, like achieving a good night's rest, lowering stress symptoms and promoting relaxation. Plus, Relaxing Passionflower lozenges and all other products by Mt. Angel Vitamins are created with quality in mind. We ensure your positive experience with restorative results from personally crafted and tested, non-GMO supplements. Our Mt. Angel Vitamins supplements. for men and women are made in the USA in an FDA-registered facility under strict cGMP guidelines to ensure they're non-GMO, organic, kosher, and free of soy, gluten or preservatives.
  • STANDARDIZED 4:1 EXTRACT: Passion flower (Passiflora incarnata) - Our Passion Flower Extract Supplement is the purest passion Flower Lozenge, with Active Flavonoids, No GMOs and is Vegan Friendly.
  • SUPERIOR BIO-AVAILABILITY: Great tasting, slowly dissolving lozenges provide a superior delivery format to passion flower capsules or passion flower drops.
  • NATURAL RELAXATION SUPPORT: Passion flower supplement extracts have been shown to aid in relaxation and to alleviate occasional but minor tenseness and restlessness.
  • CRAFTED CLEAN: No Additives, No Preservatives, No Fillers, No GMOs, No Artificial Colors, No Flavor, No Soy and No Gluten
  • EXPERTLY CRAFTED: GMP Quality Assured NPA A-rated GMP certification means that every aspect of the Mt. Angel Vitamins manufacturing process has been examined, including our laboratory/testing methods (for stability, potency, and product formulation).

Customer Reviews

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Kathy B. (Cincinnati, US)
Love the lozenges

I can carry them with me everywhere I go. Work starts getting to me I just pop one in my mouth and I'm good to go.

At Mt. Angel Vitamins, we only
use natural, non-GMO
ingredients in our supplements.

Our Oregon plant conforms to FDA
and UL NPA GMP standards.(Not
bad for a locally grown company!)

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