The Three "B"s in Mt. Angel Vitamins' Essential Trio

When Mt. Angel Vitamin’s Head Formulator and Director of Quality & Compliance John Mills decided to formulate an energy support product, he wanted to take it beyond the other energy cycle products on the market. “Most energy shots contain some vitamins but also contain high doses of caffeine and sugar,” says John. “For short term energy, they work great, but you will ultimately crash with that combination. We wanted to take a three-pronged approach by feeding the body’s natural energy cycle with the essential trio of B vitamins used by the body for energy production.” To help ensure optimal absorption of these three B vitamins, John formulated this product with a liquid glycerin base. This liquid format allows the synergistic blend of B vitamins for faster absorption and the best possible effect on the body's energy cycle.

B-12 Essential Trio is composed of three important B vitamins. John Mills explains that he used Methylcobalamin (an active form of B-12), Folinate (an active form of vitamin B9), and Pyridoxine (the stable form of vitamin B6). “This combination is the essential three vitamins for the energy cycle in the body.”


One of two naturally-occurring coenzyme forms of B-12, Methylcobalamin is needed in homocysteine conversion, protection of RNA and DNA, production of red blood cells, protection from nerve and brain cell damage, immune function, and as a mood lifter. Methylcobalamin can increase energy levels, as it helps to facilitate one of many chemical reactions in the body. Methylcobalamin can also cross the blood-brain barrier and help to stimulate the production of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that plays a role in mood support. 



Folinate, or Vitamin B9, plays an important role in mental and emotional health. Much like Methlycobalamin, Folinate also assists in the production of red blood cells, and helps to control levels of homocysteine in the blood.  Additionally, Folinate is important due to its high involvement in the production of genetic material, especially in stages of infancy, adolescence, and pregnancy, making it an irreplaceable B vitamin. 



Pyridoxine is used in boosting low levels of pyridoxine, and maintaining heart health. Additionally, pyridoxine is used to help the body metabolize fats and proteins, and promotes health of the hair, skin, eyes and liver. A healthy, functioning nervous system is also supported by pyridoxine.


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