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With Lecithin & Alpha Lipoic Acid 100mg 30 Caps

Coenzyme Q10 is a vitamin-like substance that plays an important role in generating cellular energy. The highest concentrations of CoQ10 are found in the heart, liver and kidney suggesting an important role for this nutrient. Studies show CoQ10 supports healthy blood pressure and heart function.

  • Cellular energy, what is it and why is it important? Every breath, every bite, and every swallow you take delivers potential energy to your body. This energy is used for the obvious physical activity to the less obvious internal workings of our body such as cell renewal. Now let's talk about mitochondria. They convert raw foods into energy to be used by every cell of the body.
  • They are considered the body's power plant. Most of us are aware that glucose plays an Page 2 of 5 important role in creating energy. A stable molecule, it is used as an energy transport. While glucose is stable, it does not store well. So, the body converts glucose into glycogen, which can easily be stored for energy use.
  • Glycogen converts back to glucose and is expended as energy when needed. Since glucose, also known as "blood sugar" plays such an important role with energy production, you can understand why it is important to maintain a steady glucose level.
  • You have heard the words "free radical," and have most likely figured out that they are not one of the better things your body produces. Free radicals are incomplete atoms. Complete atoms are made up of a positively charged nucleus and negatively charged electrons. Electrons normally move about in pairs.
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At Mt. Angel Vitamins, we only
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Our Oregon plant conforms to FDA
and UL NPA GMP standards.(Not
bad for a locally grown company!)

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