The Three-Pronged Approach to Supplements and Life

If you have tuned in to the Healthy House Calls Radio Show when Mt. Angel Vitamins' John Mills spoke, you will have heard him reference more than once his "three-prong" approach to formulation. As Director of Quality & Compliance and Head Formulator for Mt. Angel Vitamins, John plays a huge role in the production of the Premium Line products from conception to completion. "I try to use a three-pronged approach to the Mt Angel products I formulate." John often states:

"This approach means formulating a product from three different perspectives: nutritional, herbal, and bio-availability. Nutritionally, I always try to include the essential vitamins and minerals that our bodies have to have for that specific condition. Herbally, I source plant based ingredients that have proven effective both historically through the centuries and scientifically through research. And ultimately, I want this product to be utilized by the body; so, I formulate the product to increase bioavailability, whether that be through bio enhancers, added adaptogens, or a liquid format for quicker absorption."

But the three-prong approach can be applied to more than just finding or creating a well-balanced supplement. This three-fold can apply to life, too, by categorizing optimal health into three sections: Physical, Social, and Spiritual. Eating whole, nutritionally-dense food, exercising, drinking water and getting plenty of sleep contribute to physical health. Surrounding yourself by positive people that build you up, creating healthy relationships, and taking time to laugh with others contributes to social health. And self-reflection, meditation, finding your place in the universe, or prayer contribute to spiritual health.

Looking for optimal wellness? Consider the three-pronged approach. Prioritize self-care, treat your body well, supplement with a well-rounded vitamin and take time to enjoy the company of the ones you love.


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