Weight Loss Supplements for the New Year

With the Resolution Season right around the corner, we thought it would be a great time to talk about weight loss supplements.  According to an article in the Washington Post last year, weight loss is the number one resolution people make with 21% of adults followed closely by exercising at 14%.  

In this post, we're going to share information about three of our weight loss supplements.  But, of course, we are going to preface it by saying that there is no "magic bullet" in weight loss.  All of the products we are sharing today should be supported with a balanced diet (especially with a reduction in simple sugars and starches) as well as proper exercise. 

Turmeric Trim: Thermogenic Weight Loss

Turmeric Trim is a curcumin-based product.  Looking at the label, you'll see turmeric root extract, which has a 95% curcuminoid content.  It is Curcumin C3 Complex, the most researched form of curcumin on the market today.  The Curcumin is in combination with Bioperene, a black pepper extract, has a very positive benefit.  Curcuminoids are typically not very soluble or absorb-able.  However, research has found that when you combine Cucurmin C3 with Bioperene, it actually increases the amount of absorption tremendously (up to 10x). 

Why would we want to use turmeric root extract in a weight loss product?  It has a long history including use by native Hawaiians as a medicinal application.  In addition to being a great spice to cook with, there is a secondary application in that it encourages metabolic energy. The whole idea behind the concentration behind the cucuminoid extract is to increase the metabolic energy in the human body. 

The red pepper extract increases total body heat (metabolism in the body.  The green tea extract has the polyphenol component which assists the body with metabolic response.  The ginger root helps calm any stomach discomfort associated with the red pepper extract.  

When looking at any type of a weight loss system, one of the biggest concerns is muscle mass.  When you start losing muscle mass, you're creating a secondary issue because you have to rebuild muscle mass at a later point and still have an overall weight challenge.  L-leucine (vegetarian fermentation-process form) helps to reduce muscle mass loss. 

Raspberry Ketones: Stimulate Energy Metabolism

The raspberry ketone is a molecule found in different types of plants.  Ours is a natural form, not synthetic, from a flavors company in the Midwest.  We combine this product with a green tea extract to assist with metabolic support.  Again, we have ginger as a stomach support.

This particular product works best with a standard exercise program. Whenever you are engaging in a weight loss program, you want to be sure to boost your metabolism with exercise.  It can be as simple as walking 10,000 steps per day.  Use a pedometer or app on your phone to check this.  Just move around the office, your home, etc. or go for a walk over lunchtime. 

Slim-zymes: Pancreatic Enzyme Complex for Weight Loss

This is another way to approach your dietary considerations.  Slim-zymes is a digestive product that helps your body get the most nutrients possible out of your food.  It is best to take one capsule just prior to a meal.  

The other side of this particular product is that it can help you to rebuild muscle from exercise when taken on an empty stomach.  The enzymes in this product are in the porcine form which is very close to the human forms.  All the enzymes in this product are absolutely required for helping to rebuild muscle mass.  If you're in an aggressive exercise program, you should have proteases in your system for this purpose.  




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