National Employee Ownership Month brings ownership change for Highland Laboratories
October is National Employee Ownership Month, and it is a chance to celebrate the dedication, direction, and drive that comes with being a part of an employee-owned business. This is why we are so excited to announce an ownership change of our own.

This last August, Highland Laboratories, the creator of Mt. Angel Vitamins, was purchased by our Chief Executive Officer, Robert Ugianskis, our Chief Financial Officer, Keith Gregory, and our Director of Quality & Compliance, John Mills. This change fuses the experience and depth of knowledge that has come in the 23 years that John Mills has been with the company, with the innovative and fresh approach that Robert Ugianskis and Keith Gregory have brought to the company in the last two years. Building upon the strong foundation and prospering legacy that founders Ken and Candi Scott nurtured, these three key individuals are leading our team to raise the bar in innovation and premium product formulation to better serve our customers, our employees, and our community. We are excited to not only continue to support our valued customer base in their existing relationship with us, but also offer exciting new innovative products in the near future.

As an employee-owned business, we take great pride in our leadership and our work. When employees run a business such as Highland Laboratories, a mission statement such as ours of bringing "Simple, Proactive, Wellness" no longer remains a mission statement--it instead becomes a call to action.
  • Our philosophy remains "Simple". We know you have enough to do in your everyday life. You shouldn't need to think about the appropriateness, quality and efficacy of the vitamins you put in your body; we do it for you.
  • Our products are "Proactive". We create products that target stumbling blocks to complete wellness before they target you.
  • We believe in "Wellness". Time is precious: we should make the most of it. We believe our products help support the pursuit of wellness so we all can live the best lives we can.
This change in ownership brings excitement and fresh direction to the employees and staff here at Highland Laboratories. We look forward to serving you into the future, developing stronger partnerships, and continuing friendships in the pursuit of Simple, Proactive, Wellness!


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