Simple Living: Morning Routine

Happy Back to School Week!

With school back in session, mornings can be a little crazy - rushing around, giving some gentle prodding (or let's be honest - yelling), trying to find lost objects (keys! shoes!)...  Sometimes when you get to work, you feel like you've already had a full day's work!  So, here are some tips to get everyone out the door with less stress: 

The night before: 

  • Set out clothes and shoes
  • Pack backpacks, bags, and purses
  • Hold firm on bedtime (it will be easier to get up in the morning!)
  • Set your alarm 10 minutes earlier


  • Put up hooks by the door for hanging bags and jackets
  • Have one place for essentials: keep a bowl by the door that holds keys, wallet, glasses, etc.
  • Keep a family calendar on the wall for keeping track of everyone's appointments and commitments

Please share - what are your tips for making these back to work/back to school mornings easier? 


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